Rehabilitation Pre-Transplant


  We highly recommend that each patient undergoes a pre-transplant functional capacity evaluation (please download assessment files from the link below) to help monitor and early detection of MSK manifestations post-HSCT.  It is recommended that the subjective evaluation should include, apart from the usual physical therapy (PT) assessment, the following:

  • Existing MSK related conditions – This could help in planning both pre and post-transplant rehab with focus on existing functional incapacity and to also differentiate the difference between post-transplant complications and existing conditions. 

  • Occupation – Discussing return to work (if applicable) at the initial assessment can help PT’s understand the area which needs more focus during rehab and perhaps plan an early return to work depending upon patients individual medical and physical condition. If possible, some of the work related functional evaluation tests can be carried out at this stage and can be vital in not only monitoring but for making work related recommendations to the patients and their employers.

  • Medications –  The PT’s should make themselves aware of the history of medications and be aware of the potential side-effects. 


Upper Limb Functional Assessment (pdf)


Lower Limb Functional Assessment (pdf)



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